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S-Series high performance screw jack

Cubic style metric actuator designed and manufactured in the UK. This actuator was designed with a higher thermal efficiency than conventional machine screw actuators, allowing higher duties and working temperatures, and improved mounting arrangements e.g. upright and inverted positions are now incorporated in one model.

  • Increased Performance
  • Metric Cubic Design
  • Easy Mounting
  • Robust Construction
  • Positive, Mechanical Positioning
  • Uniform, Lifting Speed
  • Multiple Arrangements
  • Double Start Lifting Screw (optional)
  • Anti-Backlash Feature (optional)
  • More Than 5000 Standard Combinations

Standard Features

  • Increased Performance - The design uses an oil filled, finned cubic housing designed for improved thermal efficiency, extending the duties and/or lowering working temperatures possible.
  • Flexible Mounting - The standard actuator can be mounted in either upright or inverted positions and the side faces can be provided with bolt holes for accessory mounting.
  • Precise Positioning - Can be controlled accurately for positioning within hundredths of a millimetre.
  • Self-Locking - Will normally hold loads in position without creeping when using the higher ratio units, as long as the actuator unit is not subject to vibration or cyclic temperature variations. If self-locking is critical a brake motor or other restraining device should be considered.
  • Uniform Lifting Speed - Since many models have the same gear ratios, various capacities can be used in the same application to lift unevenly distributed loads with uniform speed.
  • Quick, Sure Operation - Designed and built to be positive acting, for accurate response to motive power.


  • Translating or Rotating Screw Models
  • Three Standard Gear Ratios
  • Anti-Backlash Option - Reduces vertical backlash between the screw and the worm gear nut to a practical minimum for smooth, precise operation and minimum wear.
  • Double Start Lifting Screw - Standard option for increased raise rate.
  • Keyed Option - Stops a translating screw from rotating when the screw ends are free.
  • Secondary Guide Option - Increases lifting screw lateral rigidity aiding screw guidance and improved side load resilience.
  • Bellows Boot Option - Protects the screw from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive contaminants.
  • Side Bolt Hole Options - Provided for drive shaft accessories such as standard motor adaptors.
  • Screw End Types - Include clevis end, threaded end, top plate and plain end.