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E-Series stainless steel screw jack

The stainless steel actuators are ideal for use in harsh or corrosive environments such as food processing or paper making machinery where standard materials may be inadequate.

  • Capacity from 10kN → 300 kN as standard (optional up to 1000 kN)
  • Translating and Rotating screw models
  • Available in Upright and Inverted models
  • Worm gear ratios from 5:1 → 32:1
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Different materials and plating available to suit application environments
  • Available with sealed gear cavity to keep water and other contaminants out
  • External dimensions same as for Metric Machine Screw actuators
  • Available with keyed lifting screw for translating screw models
  • Keyed Anti-backlash models available
  • Secondary Guides available
  • Anti-backlash models available
  • Positive, Mechanical Positioning
  • Uniform, Lifting Speed
  • Multiple Arrangements