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E-Series ball screw jack

The ball screw actuator can run at higher duties and speeds than machine screw actuators through the high efficiency of the ball screw and nut. The ball screw also provides longer life at load and requires less power than a machine screw actuator for a specified thrust. The range is available with the same number of metric and imperial variants as the machine screw range. All metric models have a ball nut safety device as standard. A high duty cycle model for continuous operation is also available.

  • Move Loads and apply force more efficiently than other mechanical actuators
  • Permit faster operation and longer life under load
  • Require less power by providing positive mechanical action
  • Permit synchronisation of multiple units
  • Capacity from 10 kN → 500 kN
  • Handles full load in tension or compression
  • 40 models available
  • Integral ball screw safety device

Standard Features

  • Integral Safety Device - All Power Jacks Metric ball screw actuator except Model E28501 have an integral safety device as standard. This provides two important safety roles: (a) wear indicator and (b) sustain the load in the unlikely event of catastrophic ball failure. For further details refer to section
  • High Speed - Low friction permits linear motion in some models up to 6 m/min at 1800 rpm worm shaft speeds, providing maximum power ratings are not exceeded.
  • Precise Positioning - Can be controlled accurately for positioning within hundredths of a millimetre.
  • Positive Action - Operates with a high degree of reliability, without the need for costly pumps, hoses or valves.
  • Uniform Lifting Speed - Highly efficient design means less power is needed to achieve a given thrust; power needs are as much as two-thirds that of machine screw actuators, with savings in motors, couplings, reducers, shafting and controls.
  • Long-Life - Low friction means longer operating life.
  • Low Power Usage - Highly efficient design means less power is needed to achieve a given thrust; power needs are as much as two-thirds that of machine screw actuators.
  • Internal Recirculating Balls - For smooth movement, less turns per circuit and absence of parts liable to wear.


  • 2 Standard Gear Ratios.
  • 2 Ball Screw Lead Options as Standard - Other leads are available on request.
  • Pre-Loaded Ball Screw - These ball screw assemblies give zero linear backlash (available on request).
  • Anti-Rotation Device - Stops a translating screw from rotating when the screw end is free.
  • Bellows Boot Option - Protects the screw from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive contaminants.
  • Secondary Guide Option - Increases a lifting screw lateral rigidity aiding screw guidance and improved side load resilience.
  • Double Clevis End Option - Incorporates a special clevis end bottom pipe and a standard clevis end on the lifting screw.